About Us

Our History

Laissing & Co is a Hong Kong based company, was established in August 1995.

We started with manufacturing of garments in August 1995. Our work was to ensure the manufacturing process was carried out accordingly to specifications and to a high standard and on time shipment.

From 1996 to early 2011, we worked with a large UK wholesale trade supplier of wine and gift packaging. We made wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, wicker hampers, paper and faux leather boxes, cooler bags and shipped direct to UK from our factories.

From 2012, we started to participate the HKTDC Wine & Spirits Fair in Hong Kong. From that time, we have added our experience working with multinational organizations in Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Republic Dominica, United Kingdom and Venezuela, etc. Our work begins with enquiries, then design, drawing, sampling, finished products and shipment.

Our Vision

One thing which is very important is that we insist on high standards from manufacture. We always guarantee a good price and exacting standards. Our sense of responsibility and good judgement, along with our long association with a large number of factories in China makes our clients rely 100% on us.

Our Mission

Whether you are a small business or an established retailer, we guarantee you the same high quality product and provide you with our great service.


For enquiries, you are welcome to email or telephone us, also to visit our website and find out our products that interest you. We will be very happy to be your resources. Thank you for your support.